Managing Director Message

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to Hayyak Events and Services!

Hayyak Events and Services were established as a response to the growing need for a dependable, reliable and cost-effective solutions-provider for businesses and individuals alike. We understand the needs of our clients and strive not only to deliver results but to exceed expectations and create memorable experiences.

We have a strong confidence in our ability to turn resources into solutions thereby allowing our clients to focus on other important aspects of their business.

What sets us apart is how we raise the bar from simply being service-providers to being life changers and visionaries.

The core of our business is the satisfaction of our clients which we aim to accomplish through dedication and personalized attention to their needs. We continue to retain the trust of our clients because they are fully aware that we have the resources and the expertise to fulfill their requirements. Here at Hayyak Events and Services, we aim to establish long-term and enduring business partnerships with our clients with the vision of being the preferred and trusted events management and document clearance services provider in the State of Qatar.

At Hayyak Events and Services, we make it happen.

Our Clients